Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Pussy & Clitoris & Bottom Jewellery

Gorgeous solid silver pussy, clit and bottom jewellery for the girls.

The great thing about this hand made jewellery is you do not require a piercing to wear them.

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pussy dangle jewellery worn by a sexy blonde bombshell clitoris clip worn by sexy model with long dark hair bottom jewellery displayed on sexy womans bottom
Pussy Dangle Jewellery Clitoris Clips Bottom Jewellery

How to wear your Pussy, Clit and Bottom Jewellery.

For the Pussy Jewellery, open up the solid silver rings. Slide onto your outer pussy lips (labia). Gently squeeze together so that the rings fit securely and comfortably. The linking chain brushes against the clitoris. The Swarovski dangles will be hanging between your legs stimulating and brushing against your inner thighs.

For the Clit Clips, once the clitoris becomes hard push the clitoral hood away from the clit. Slid the clit clip jewellery around the inner labia placing the clit at the top of the clip.

For the Bottom Jewellery, when you will feel your muscles relax and the anus open up. You can use saliva or a water based lubricant. Gently glide in the silver insert of the bottom teaser. Leave the dangle showing.

Non Piercing Jewellery

The great thing about the pussy, bottom and clit jewellery is you do not require a piercing to wear them.

You get to enjoy the sensual feelings around your pussy and bottom with out needing a piercing.

Pussy, Clit and Bottom Jewellery are also available in Solid Gold