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Silver Waist Chain

Silver Handmade Waist Chain Jewellery.

belly chain jewellery worn by stunning model

You can wear these waist chains on your waist or hips. Choose from a multiple of sizes. Each belly chain has an adjustment of 1 and a half inches so you can decide wear to place them on your body.

Each waist chain is handmade in solid silver by our skilled silversmith. A one off piece of beautiful jewellery. No mass production in this stunning design.

waist and belly chain in solid silver links

Choose your waist or hip measurements from below

24 to 25.5 inch waist
26 to 27.5 inch waist
28 to 29.5 inch waist
30 to 31.5 inch waist
32 to 33.5 inch waist
34 to 35.5 inch waist
36 to 37.5 inch waist
38 to 39.5 inch waist
40 to 41.5 inch waist
42 to 43.5 inch waist
44 to 45.5 inch waist
46 to 47.5 inch waist

bohemian waist chain

How to fasten your waist chain

The waist chain is easy to fit. The back adjustment has 1.5 inches of silver links so you can choose to wear it on your waist or hips. Just clip it on and off you go. It is comfortable enough to wear under your clothing. Wear the waist chain with a mid drift top, a see through top or even down on the beach to really show them off. Become a bohemian woman!

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Waist Chains are also available in Gold