Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Men's Nipple Rings

nipple rings in silver on male model

Men's hand twisted silver nipple rings. Designed for the modern guys out there who want to enjoy the sensual feeling of wearing a nipple ring with out having to have a piercing.

The nipple rings are suitable for men who have prominent nipples. i.e. not inverted.

They really do sit snugly and securely. To put these on its is very easy, just open them slightly. Gently pull the nipple through or get your partner to hold them in their mouth against their teeth and gently suck the nipple through. Then adjust by squeezing the ring gently for a secure fit. Then will not fall off if secured properly.

Every ring is hand twisted from solid silver.

Choose between singles or a pair. The picture above is showing one of our male models wearing the male nipple rings.

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Men's Nipple Rings are available in Solid Gold