Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Gold Nipple Dangles

The Nipple Dangles come in 3 styles for woman.

gold love heart nipple dangle jewellery worn by sexy model

Nipple Dangles

All the gold nipple dangle jewellery is made by our specially chosen goldsmith. Using only his eyes and hand tools. Each piece looks identical due to the skills of the goldsmith. What you will be getting is an original piece of jewellery. A one off that no one else will have.

The dangles are using genuine Swarovski. Which is a luxury brand name for the range of precision cut lead crystal glass.

What a wonderful feeling to have the beautiful dangles brushing against your breasts.

Each order comes in a jewellery pouch.

Nipple Dangles are also available in Solid Silver