Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Men's Toe Rings

Solid silver hand made men's toe rings in 3 widths.

men's toe ring jewellery in silver

Yes that is right guys, toe rings are now being made for men.

They are a fashionable way to adorn the toes of a barefoot beach wanderer, or a sandaled office worker, a surfer, in fact anyone from any walk of life.

The style is the classic plain band. They are all adjustable so will fit any toe sizes.

How to wear the Men's Toe Rings

Moisten your toe and slip the ring over the toe. Because of the adjustability the rings can be adjusted to fit most toe sizes.

Normally they are worn on the 2nd toe as this is the most comfortable. They do not fall off as you have a pad under your toe that holds it in place. You can shower, wear shoes, play sports and they stay in place.

It takes about 2 days of wearing one before you are not aware its on. So you can then wear them with shoes no problem at all 24/7.

men's toe ring jewellery worn on male model with orange sandals

Men's Toe Rings have gained popularity as they retain the funkiness associated with pierced items and other new body jewellery for men.

Something a little bit different. You will be amazed how many guys out there are wearing them. As one guy said " I get positive reactions from woman when ever i wear my toe ring"

Here's a few tales from men from all walks of life that are wearing toe rings.

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Men's Toe Rings are available in Gold