Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Men's Silver Body Jewellery.

Cock Rings, Nipple Rings, Bottom Jewellery and more.

Impressive Jewellery for the guys.

The great thing about the men's silver jewellery is you do not require a piercing to wear them.

View the different styles below.

men's cock ring jewellery men's bottom jewellery men's nipple rings men's lip and body ring jewellery
Cock Rings
Bottom Clips
Non Piercing
Nipple Rings
Body/Lip Rings
men's silver ear cuffs ear and lip spike studs for men men's toe ring jewellery worn with flip flops on feet thumb rings for men
Ear Cuffs Non Piercing Ear Spikes Toe Rings for men Thumb Rings

An array of masculine jewellery to choose from. ranging from body rings, lip studs, ear cuffs, toe rings, thumb rings, nipple rings and not forgetting the cock rings and bottom jewellery.

Admire the artistry in these one off designs for all you gentlemen out there.

waist chain worn by model
Girls Body Jewellery

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Men's Body Jewellery is also available in Gold