Nipple Rings & Body Jewellery, non piercing designs in solid silver & gold.

Lip and Ear Studs for Men

non piercing

Men you can wear these ear or lip spike studs. They do not require a piercing.

They are held in place by a magnet that sits on the back of the ear or inside the lip.

With a little practice its very easy to put on.

non piercing lip spike for men

If you ever wanted to wear a spike or bullet ear stud but you didn't really want a hole pierced in your skin then you should try out the metallic ear studs. Both are non piercing designs.

They are versatile and you can even wear them anywhere there is a fold of skin.

ear studs spikes and bullets

They are not made by but we thought they fitted in with the non piercing jewellery range.

How to wear your lip or ear studs.

To wear this jewellery first place the magnet on your thumb. Hold the magnet at the back of your ear then place then place the bullet or spike stud on top. It will snap together and stay there with out moving.

Its surprising how strong the magnet is and they really do stay on. They do look real and are lots of fun to wear.

Its fun jewellery that you guys can wear and they look hip.